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New member from Michigan

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Hey guys glad to see the new forum! I was a long time lurker on the old forum and an active member on MiAirsoft in Michigan. I'm a rifleman not a sniper but I plan to buy the ares M40 when it comes out because I've always loved the marine rifle, never could afford a vsr with the fortress stock and all the mods after that... Either way this forum is an excellent resource for making your rifle more accurate, you don't have to have a dmr or bolty to be able to take advantage of the information on here.

Have any of you guys heard a release date for the ARES m40a3?
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Welcome to the board I've read somewhere they expect to release it near May, but with Ares you can never know! Their WA2000 delayed a year from the announced date!!

Nice to see you here! Welcome!
Figured I would bump up my intro post to say hello again... I've waited long enough and have decided that Ares never will have the m40a5 that I was hoping for. Now i'm trying to save some cash to get a Tokyo Marui L96 or g-spec, I'm leaning towards the L96. Anyhow, just figured I'd warn you guys that you will be seeing more of me. :)

*Also Ranger, this is Strikeball from MiA..
Welcome to ASF
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