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I am Jase (usmcsn1p3r83), i have read several threads from here and decided to finally join. I have been playing airsoft for probably 5 years, nothing serious just backyard and a few at a field. If you have any questions reply or pm me.:tup:

As far as my gun goes i have a well mb06 With madbull python 6.03 x 455mm barrel, angel custom 1 piece hop unit with madbull shark bucking (might rhop or ghop not sure if its worth it), angel custom upgrade kit with angel custom piston head. No pics as of now because i moved recently and left it with a friend till i go back to grab it (so it wouldnt get broke during move).

I am going to play airsoft on a college team (iowa state univ) so i am in search of an affordable sidearm like the y&p mk23. Any suggestions?
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