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Hello Forum members
I am Peter from Holland and new to Airsoft Sniping.
I am Airsofting for about a year now and its FAB.
Whas always interested in WW2 era so when i started Airsoft the choice whas easy about what to wear and wich Replica's to choose.
Till now i never had the idea to try the sniping part but when i bought the G&G G980 i kinda had too and can't wait to do my first skirm with it and since a few weeks i am digging in the world of snipers on the net.That how i came to this Forum and soon i hope to post .

G&G G980 CO2
SRC MP40 blowback
CYMA M14 Socom
S.H.I (Shoei) Panzerfaust 60M
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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