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Hey guys!

I'm sure you could tell by my username, but... my name is Chris Concannon.

I'm a recent Northern Virginia transplant from Boston, MA and work as a plumber.

I'm 25 now and haven't played airsoft in about 10 years since when I was in high school. Mostly played in my friend's backyard, but my friends and I attended a couple day ops at a local paintball/airsoft field that were a ton of fun.

I was a super amateur marksmen running a JG SR25 as my primary and KWA ATP as my sidearm.

As mentioned, I've stepped away from the sport for quite some time and would like to revisit it after driving past an indoor CQB place back and forth each day to and from work.

I'm not looking to get into CQB, but am actually really interested in the idea of being a highly stealthy custom leaf suit sniper.

As of now I don't own any airsoft gear, but I'm reading tons of forum posts on here, reading airsoft sniper blogs, following ghillie snipers on Instagram and YouTube, and doing a little online window shopping.

At this point, I've gathered up a pretty massive amount of notes in my Evernote, but still have a TON I need to learn before purchasing anything.

Money is tight for me, so I want to do this right the first time only purchasing what is tried and true for most airsoft snipers.

Right now I'm interested in running in a KMCS leaf suit that I'll customize according to the scenery of the field that I'll mostly be playing at. I'm also looking into purchasing a TM VSR-10 and fully upgrading it, as well as a TM MK23 and doing the same.

For boots, I prefer minimalist zero drop when on hikes and for everyday use so I'll be looking more into hunter stalking boots for feet comfort and increased stealth.

The field I'm looking to play at most is Ballahack Airsoft near Virginia Beach. It's 3.5 hours from me, but seems well worth it as it looks like the best airsoft in the state.

Excited to (virtually) meet everyone on here and become a contributing member to the community as I learn more, purchase gear, make mods, and begin playing/testing. Thank you for having me!

Chris Concannon

(Feel free to add me on Facebook)

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I'd hold off on the ghillie and run some basic clothing to start to make sure you wanna deal with it. Most do better being more mobile when starting out sniping.

For a VSR based system start with an Action Army T10 or T11. It'll save you time and money. Go with Action Army parts throughout for best bang for the buck. Finer details on hop up rubbers and nubs can be researched in the VSR forum.

For the Mk23, just get the TM as you plan to and upgrade it. The Novritsch isn't bad but still has kinks to work out. OnMyMk is a good website for Mk23 upgrades.

Ballahack is a good field. The youtube guy Swamp Sniper owns and runs it and while he comes across as a huge child/douche on youtube and shills products that are inferior, I'm sure he's otherwise a decent guy.

If money is tight sniping can be tough, so do it right the first time like you plan to and upgrade as you can afford it.

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Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum. I hope you have a great time looking at the posts as there is a lot of cool and useful information here. I recently joined and am planning to upgrade my sniper too. About the clothing I would suggest just some ordinary stuff that is durable if you are a little short on money. I hope this helps and again welcome to the forum.
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