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New metal mk96 trigger box

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Just saw this on airsoftgi tv.

Full metal trigger box and a cheaper alternative to zero trigger.
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I'd recommend buying the one that Vampyre listed, I'm currently running one at about 600 FPS and it's working just fine. The sears are good quality, I can't imagine a circumstance in which they would fail on you. I really hate zero triggers, I don't trust them, hate the lack of a safety (for functional and aesthetic purposes), and find the pull to be stupidly light. At my current setup, the pull is perfect, not too light, but nothing too hard.
inthetallgrass said:
No one wathced the video I presume? They tested the new one with a 670fps gun for 6 months with nomsign of wear yet. Also it has upgraded sears and better quakity customer service. So yEah get either of them but the gi one is quality assured while the other is strong but there is still a chance of somethig bad happening.
I can only speak from my own experiences, but Airsoft GI does certainly not have "quality customer service." With the terrible experiences I've had, what they quality assure I'll take with a grain of salt. The sears really aren't anything to brag about, the ones that come with the trigger box are high quality, enough to stand up to plenty of abuse. It just seems like a waste of another $50 to me. If you want to buy the mechanism from a quality retailer, I think Airsoft Atlanta sells these now for around $25.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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