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New metal mk96 trigger box

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Just saw this on airsoftgi tv.

Full metal trigger box and a cheaper alternative to zero trigger.
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Well there must have been a good few faulty ones sent out. Also it is more complicated in its function so logically more prone to break then the simplistic one. Also z triggers only work with laylax internals don't they?
Sorry for the double but my internet is really slow so modifying will take an hour. VamPyre - this comes included with gi's pe or whatever reinforced sear set, I'm sure. Thats a lot better then the well manufactured ones.
No one wathced the video I presume? They tested the new one with a 670fps gun for 6 months with nomsign of wear yet. Also it has upgraded sears and better quakity customer service. So yEah get either of them but the gi one is quality assured while the other is strong but there is still a chance of somethig bad happening.
Well when I get a trigger I'll probobly get the cheapest one cause I'd rarely use my gun at higher FPS's.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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