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I got to handle a (real) M110 a few weeks ago....nice weapon, but I would have to agree that there should be multiple sniper rifles out for use - at the minimum, I personally would rather see a 7.62x54 semi-auto rifle, a .300 win mag or .338 lapua mag bolt action rifle, and a .50bmg rifle out in operation. I'd prefer the .338 due to the fact that it was designed to have much of the power of a .50 without all the weight of the .50 - 1500-1600m effective range is a hell of a lot for a anti-personel weapon (though I know of a .50 used to kill someone at around 2400 meters). It is a shame that they couldn't use a system like the 416 does in the M110....because I don't know how much I'd trust the 110 with the same system as the M16/M4....always fouling up....not to mention the 2/3 round burst "feature"

What ever happened to the M14? I thought those were making a comeback with a RIS system and bipod as a current sniper/DMR weapon? M41 isn't it?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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