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Dorny, an intro post goes in the beginner section. Just tell us a little about yourself there.

Also, please use propper grammar and punctuation here, as it is a rule, and refrain from double posting and just use the edit button.

The AGM l96 is different from the maruzen as it takes l96 and vsr 10 parts, and is very confusing. I had my hands on one, and it is very different from the UTG which is maruzen part compatible.

I cannot help you out much with this. I recommend getting a UTG for a base platform, as the AGM l96 is far from a l96 internally, itleast in my opinion. There is much info on the UTG l96, as it is easier to upgrade, has more guides, and you know 100% what parts work.

Also, thank you for your service.
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