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New on here and new to Airsoft

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So I'm a car forum guy who has been playing paintball for 3-4 years with a T-9 first strike kit, so i've played similar sports and have been on forums. Basically I got back from Iraq a year ago with the Army Reserve and have the hankering to plink at things in my back yard. I live in town so an actual firearm doesn't work so well, however I can get away with an airsoft. Plan on playing a game or two with some friends. Just picked up a type 96 and mounting up a red dot on it for now.

my questions (i searched and i'm lost on this forum)
1. whats the best upgrade for accuracy for this?
2. What is the best distance/power upgrade?
3. What is the most economical upgrade?

Thanks in advance and here comes the traditional newbie flaming
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AGM is a clone in shape only, the internals are completely different than a Maruzen so the upgrade kit will not work. To my knowledge, there are little if any upgrades for the AGM L96.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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