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New Paint project, suggestions and opinions welcome!

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Im not sure if this is the right forum to be putting this in, but I hope its ok!

Hey guys!

Ok so I recently acquired a new A&K SR25 and it is one hell of beautiful weapon. The only part that im a little unsure about is the over all color. Black is iconic, badass and sexy, but it is also a little bland in my eyes. I want something to catch a few more eyes and look truly unique. So here I am working on a complete paint job. Ive done a few minor projects in the pass like a 2 tone M4, and various small accessory recolorings, but this time Im going all out. I don't want anything TOO difficult as this will be my trophy gun until the next impulse purchase, so I have decided to go with a full or mostly tan SR25. Kinda going for an M110 look. I just need a few opinions and ideas. I am in a mostly wooded area, so I know I will get flamed for it not being TRUE camo, but I really don't care. I enjoy the look and I can camo the gun with a gun wrap/foliage and get it to blend well.

Below are a few pictures of the gun in its current state and a few "pimp my gun" renders I want to go with. So lemme know what you think and if there is anything you would recommend. I also need some good ideas with spray paint or other paints. I was planning on using the generic Krylon camo Tan that I have used in the past since it works pretty well, but any other suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks, and be kind!!

Oh and the G96 is NOT mine, just thought I would mention that! :)

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All tan would look good, but how would it blend into your environment? Too bad all OD looks awful. Or maybe a full camo job?
I'm waiting a XM110 and I'll leave it black, I'll wrap burlap around it for camo.

Same with Wolf, I'd veggie it up but it wouldn't look right if it wasn't black underneath.. Would take away all the sexiness.

If you really want to paint it I would do a tan base-coat and mist in some OD and light black. Or you can order Fuzzys burlap rifle wraps.

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If you insist on making it look unique just spray a little decal or signature on it!
You can do a tan base coat and then sponge paint some darker colors.
Please just don't paint it! I've already said to get a rifle wrap as pains just going to ruin the eye candy of this rifle! >:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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