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I have seen x-fire advertising this on their website for a while now, and I just checked; it is partially up.

Home page

Right now, they are only selling their complete rifles on this websites (at the moment only their M40A3) and they aren't cheap (as you would expect from PDI products), but I hope they shift over to this new website layout. The layout is more friendly without a bunch of advertisements to their own products embedded into the page. The format is very similar to other modern eCommerce websites. It also looks like they have streamlined the checkout process better. Ordering from x-fire isn't extremely difficult, but the poorly translated Japanese could be confusing. If anyone orders from this new website, I'd love to see what they think about it!

P.S. as of posting, they have VC Cylinder sets for 9,800 yen. They only are mildly scratched on the inside. I'm not gonna pick one up for myself, but its a crazy deal if you need that kind of thing
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