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New pics page 1 - sniper rifle.

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I just like taking pictures of it. It's so pretty.
I have these in the mail for it.
PDI hard piston
High hop Arms
New rubber (PDI one)
Metal triggerbox
Another L96 off a friend for parts (
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Thanks for the comments on the pistol. Yeah I messed up the black part of the paintjob by using too thick of a nozzle so It's way to thick. The pouches are decent (moderately tight) and there is some elastic to hold them in. Basically they aren't going to fall out soon. The acu is because I used to run it with a ranger outfit.

The internals re just a metal piston and piston guide upgrade with some custom upgrades of my own such as an improved hop up.
With the super silent spring for Ireland it's shooting 330fps with .2g but with the louder (not much) spring it's shooting 410fps with.3g. With the improved hop up the strong spring is getting to under 300 ft acurratly! While the weak spring 160 to 200ft. These are with .3 g. :)

Edit: I am sick today so now instead of school I can work on my ghillie all day. Yay! ;)
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I got them from ebay and the seller said rosewood....I don't believe that. What do you think of my belt set up? Mixed or good?
Well the pouches can hold two 1911 mags and one type 96 magazine each. Also yeah the cheek pouch holds my other mag.
Mate, you Barely need a guide it's super simple but yeah I guess I'll make one. I'm still sick so I have plenty of time.
EDIT: Alright I made a massive guide on how to silence your gun in the general section of the forum. It shows how to cut the spring properly and do other things too.
You'll get them easily online. I'm assuming your american so just google inert ammo and you'll probably find a site in like 5 seconds. In Ireland, I got it from antique warehouse. Also soory for slow response, I was away.
Sorry for the double post but just searCh " asf official patches" and youll get it. Also since I have made a ghillie, gotten new parts put a new paintjob and sanded the bolt.
I thought editing posts would move them up too. Doesn't matter. I just want to see what people think of my load out. Also You can see the ASF patch on my helmet.
fuzzywolly said:
I like the ghillie wrap, and would like to see some even closer up pics to see all the details.

As for the ghillie itself, is that black canvas on the front? I would spray paint that a tannish green of some sorts. Even though you most likely will be prone for the most part, it always helps to have better concealment. ;)
It's actually a brown leatherette. The colour always comes up dark on the camers. That's the problem though. Because of it's texture it is really hard to spraypaint, trust me.
fuzzywolly said:
Where did you pick up this leatherete? Do you find it to work better than canvas?
I picked it up at my local craft shop for like 7 euro a square metre. ($10) It definitely works better than canvas in my opinion. I am thinking of putting in some foam where the knee and elbow pads are because it doesnt protect landing on hard things etc. That is when I get the shoe glue.

I am also seperating the netting for increased maneuverability
and removing the front netting as it is not needed.
aydonmill said:
WOW. Amazing.

Would love a tutorial on that fake mag
It's quite simple really. Drilled two holes into the stock, fitted in two dowels so they were tight. Took them out and did the same to a blockof wood which would fit into a metal m14 midcap. Fit them then glued them. Then I drilled two holes into the bottom of the mag after sizing it. (just using a hacksaw) and then I drioled in two screws which went through the mag and into the wood. I alsonglued around the edge of the mag for a stronger tighter fit.
aydonmill said:
Why thanks you. It only costs like 10 euro (13 dollars) for the metal midcap and then some cheap wood, dowels, maybe glue and some screws.

EDIT: Here is the back of mu ghillie:
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deviant said:
Sweet looking set up mate!

How did you modify your hop up btw?
It was someone else's idea. I put foam into the gaps in the hop-up. It did actually improve groupings noticeably.

I have since put in a TBB, PDI hop-up unit, W-hold bucking and several DIY mods. I hope to get a vacuum piston and raven cylinder.
New pics added.
fuzzywolly said:
That paint job has really grown on me. The new pics are hot, but I need more!!

And is that a dummy mag or..?
Of course, remember it's a Well/UTG/OTher supposedly crappy brand.

Just an m14 mag cut up, screwed 'n' glued.
I generally use it as a back-up back up for when we are overrun or if I am an agressive sniper in an objective game.
A few pictures added.
AHP said:
Are you still using that kill flash? If so did you make it or buy it?

BTW I like the pictures.
No I make any killflash I have, I used to use netting but it confuses me with my mesh goggles, it is hard to see so I use nthing normally or when I am in full camo mode one like fuzzy has with electrival tape.
Update - I finally got my gun working properly. (Still only fires full auto though) - New nozzle, new motor, new battery, new hop up unit, new rubber, new barrel, new anti reversal , new slector switch, new mag release and thats it. It's shooting lasers now.
New picture and specs up.
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