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New pics page 1 - sniper rifle.

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I just like taking pictures of it. It's so pretty.
I have these in the mail for it.
PDI hard piston
High hop Arms
New rubber (PDI one)
Metal triggerbox
Another L96 off a friend for parts (
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Diggin' the new paint job a lot. Looks very unique and seems like it really fits the environment.

The pistol is sexy as hell. Seriously, are you trying to make me buy another one?? ;) How well do the 1911 magazines stay in place (in pouch)? Looks like they could fall out real easily.

And of course, the Airsoft Sniper Patch looks great, I really need to pick one up soon.
Grass, did you say you are still using the stock hop up? I actually liked the stock hop up design, and thought about getting the hexagon hop up chamber (slightly improved version of the stock chamber) a little while back.

I like the belt set up. The only thing I do not see is a pouch for your extra mags (for primary). Or is that in the butt pad?

Looks like a nice and light set up, something easy to use when mobile.
Okay, my bad, could not see the mags in the pictures. Makes sense. ;)

By the way, could you go into more detail about the spring/piston thing? Maybe some pictures (in another thread) and a small guide, like a "how to". Seems like something that could be very useful on the field for us snipers.
I like the ghillie wrap, and would like to see some even closer up pics to see all the details.

As for the ghillie itself, is that black canvas on the front? I would spray paint that a tannish green of some sorts. Even though you most likely will be prone for the most part, it always helps to have better concealment. ;)
Where did you pick up this leatherete? Do you find it to work better than canvas?
That paint job has really grown on me. The new pics are hot, but I need more!!

And is that a dummy mag or..?
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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