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Hello all! I just want to say that I am going to be getting my new rifle sometime soon! It is going to be the asgi g700, I am going to downgrade the m170 spring so I can meet the requirement of 500 or below fps at my local field. Now I have heard of some problem's with the gun, like having to hold in the magazine for the bb to chamber. Well, that is the problem with my current gun (UTG m324).

Now I am not one of those kids who just want a gun who can shoot over like 550 fps to impress their friends, I honestly don't care about that.

Also, I needed a suggestion. Would anyone recommend a bipod, if so, which do you suggest?

Thanks, any questions please ask!

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Seeing this is a thread about a clone rifle, I am going to move this to the "Others" section.

As for a bipod, I have found the Matrix Tactical Bi-Pod to be very durable, well performing, and sleek looking as well. It is a harris style bi-pod, and only costs around $35. I got mine off of, and I highly recommend it.
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