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Hey guys ..... still lurking on the site .. being as i can't airsoft over here in Iraq.. kinda a downer.

But my question is ... how hard would it be to make a homemade sniper? Just a really basic but hard shooting, yet playable, rifle. I know that you can get just about any rifle out there and mod it up to do just that. But i was thinking about something different. Something that noone has seen before.

Now i know candyman and a few other have done wonderfull work before. But they used already assembled rifle, gutted them and then put a frame around them.

I was thinking of something that would be specificly built for a person that is on off.

Was wondering what some of the prices would be, as i don't wanna spend a ton of money but yet don't wanna crap rifle either.

oh and on a side note just heard from my wife, via msn, that my G&G M14 just showed up at the house... So now all i have to do if just wait till i get home in 2 months ::)
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I think your best option is to just use the internals from another weapon and manufacture what will essentially be the "shell".

What type of gun were you thinking of replicating? In reality, there aren't all many sniper type rifles that haven't been imitated. For the most part, rifles fall into the Remington 700 model type or the Accuracy International model type, a Dragunov, or PSG-1. It's real easy for most guns to look alike simply by switching out a stock.

I'd like to see someone make a Walther WA-2000. This could pretty easily be done by converting a Steyr AUG, which have incredible accuracy. What I like about the Tokyo Marui version is that it primes the cylinder and loads a bb at the end of each cycle. This makes for a more realistic firing process as the bb goes when you squeeze the trigger. There's no hesitation as with other rifles. (I'm not sure if all TM's do this or just the Steyr AUG series).

If you're talking about making your own system from the ground up, I think the world is missing out on the 12gram CO2 advantages. As far as I know, it's not affected by temperature, but still doesn't need a whole spring or electrical assembly housed somewhere.

If you were to make your own system, and since you have a great deal of time on your hands, you could also think about making a rifle system that breaks down into a briefcase ala James Bond or whatever. I think there was a crappy (much worse than my Well Warrior to be sure ;) that broke down in half, but I haven't seen much about it anywhere.
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