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New season, new setup

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Well... I managed to finally get a hold of my Camera while I was here on leave. Anyways, without further ado, my Maruzen APS-2 and my ghillie suit as of this season. Pictures were taken earlier this afternoon, so it's as up to date as can be.

Maruzen APS-2:

- Laylax APS Cylinder
- Laylax APS Piston & Piston head
- Laylax APS Taper Cylinder Head
- Laylax APS Spring Guide
- Laylax Reinforced Bolt Handle
- Laylax PSS2 Zero Trigger
- Laylax Power Accuracy Cup
- 400mm 6.01 Edgi Barrel Ported
- PDI APS2 Hop-up Chamber
- Promethues red Hard bucking
- Big-out H nub
- Laylax 150 spring (About 500FPS)

Ghillie suit:

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Not bad looking dude.

How things going with you? Always great to get some leave time to relax and chill for a while.
Love the APS2. It's a shame most people no longer know of there potential.

By any chance, you wouldn't have the original large bolt knob that it came with would you?
Thanks for the responses guys. Unfortunately I don't have the original bolt handle.
Ooh, look..... an APS..... rare beast these days ;)
Yea. I had an aps 2 for a while in 07-08 and then I sold it. Ended up missing it so much I bought another. They're a dyimg breed though.
not going to lie, its beautiful. I'd love to paint my gun kinda similar to this, could you give me some tips and pointers?
Well, it's actually quite simple. I started out with a tan base, and then just added brown/OD green as I saw fit. The lighting from being outdoors doesn't really give it justice. But those are pictures on my cell phone. Once I actually get back and I can start playing with it with veg tied in then I'll see how things turn out.

Sorry, this is the first chance I've had to respond on an actual computer (Vice my phone) so I can actually type more than three words.
Mosin, diggin it, reminds me of your setup back in '08. Found a pic.... I think....Its either Oakey or you with Mirage I believe.

Anyways, love the rifle. I like your setup, nice, simple, and clean.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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