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New Sniper and Rifle

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Hey guys!

Im new to the sniper spot on a team and im trying to learn as much as I can. I read through all the tips players have posted on these forums and they helped a lot! If anyone has any tips (tactics, ghillie crafting, ect.) for a new sniper please let me know by a post or pm!

Im currently using our teams Mauser SR Pro Tactical rifle, the bucking on it was torn in half before I had a chance to use it, so its a little hard for me to take full advantage of the pros that come with being a sniper. So im forced to keep my G36C on me when a situation turns really bad.

Now to the reason Im making this post in this section.
Im looking into buying my own sniper rifle and I have done a ton of research, but due to the fact im new to these types of guns I have probally over looked something. My budget is roughly $200. I plan on spending $100 on the rifle and $100 on the upgrades.

Heres what Ive came up with:
JG BAR-10 w/Bi-Pod
$110 Sniper-JG-BAR10-Std
I really like the look of this rifle, the reviews and upgrades for this gun seem outstanding!

VSR 10 Angel Custom Piston & Trigger Sear Set
$40 AC-VSR-01
VSR 10 Angel Custom Spring Guide*
$25 AC-VSR-02
VSR 10 Angel Custom Adv Piston*
$45 AC-VSR-10
VSR 10 Angel Custom SP170 spring (480-550)*
$15 AC-VSR-SP170

*I may swap out the spring guide, piston, and spring for this Angel Custom tune up kit to cut down the price. (so my wife dosent kill me)
VSR 10 Angeul Custom SP150 Tune Up Kit
$50 AC-VSR10-KIT01

Other variations of inital upgrades include a sear set, spring, tightbore barrel, and bucking.
Im thinking of using 0.36 BBs for long range, and it will keep my fps down. (Our teams field is 500 fps limit for sniper rifles)

Any suggestions please let me know!
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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