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Name: James

Callsign: Maverick

Experience: Airsofting 8 years, started a team 4 months ago

You're arsena: CA SPR (M16A4), KWA M9 PTP, CA M24 Fluted Barrel, SVD based on TM AK 47 shooting around 540

Your camo: Commercial Ghillie, mainly brown with some green

What are your other hobbies?: Flying and Hockey

Where do you reside: Southern Californai

I am fairly new to the world of sniping. I was wary of buying a sniper rifle because of not knowing if I would like it, but then got offered a brand new (well... never used, but not new since they discontinued them i guess) Classic Army M24 fluted barrel for my cybergun thompson i was trying to sell and jumped on it. I used it in 5 days of airsoft and fell in love with sniping. After 5 days the tang that goes through the bolt handle sheared off and I found a CA gas cylinder at my local airsoft store and got it at a nice discount since they had it forever. Im still trying to decide whether to keep it gas or go back to spring.

Any ways after that long winded rant... I really dont know much about what I need to do with a rifle but want to learn. I look forward to interacting with all of you and possibly seeing any of you from socal in the field!

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"I really dont know much about what I need to do with a rifle but want to learn."

When I first came here, I had no clue what I needed to do with my rifle. I was confused and frustrated. I had some cash to spend but did not know how to spend it. Once I started looking around, I found some great pieces of information that helped me determine what I needed. Special thanks to Zulu :)

Hope you find what you need.

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