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New sniper from Tampa

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Hello fellow airsoft snipers!

My name is Collin Banter, I live in Wesley Chapel (Tampa area), Fl, and am just getting into the art of airsoft sniping. Although I've had 4 years of experience in the sport of airsoft, I've never had any experience with a sniper rifle. Ever since I got into this amazing sport of ours, I've always wanted to become a sniper. Go figure that one out! Although the chances arose for me to buy a sniper rifle, I always seemed to back down from the deals; this probably saved me allot of money and frustration. Anyways, now I'm set on purchasing a sniper rifle, and learning all that I can about this amazing art!

My home team is OC16:
I have been featured, along with allot of my other guys, in AI magazine (Gator airsoft). I am a writer, who has combined my passion for airsoft, and am now writing for USASOC airsoft magazine. My work will be published soon! I am also working on getting an article I've written published in AI magazine. Although this is a large goal, I have a connection. Bill (one of the main OC16 guys), who wrote the article published in AI magazine, now is on staff with Airsoft International.

Thank you for creating such a great forum here guys! Hope to "See" you around.

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Welcome to the board Collin, very good to have someone so far in "The know" as yourself. I too have friends in the airsoft business (Dwayne from DB Customs as well as the bigger businesses in Michigan).

Anyways, welcome aboard. I know there are a few airsoft snipers on here from Florida, anyways.. Welcome welcome and +1 for starting out right buddy.

Cheers and enjoy the wealth of information left by years upon years of experience.

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Hallo Colin, good to see you are no noob and you have some experience.
"Thank you for the worm welcomage," said by Sinbad in the movie HouseGuest (one of my favorite movies)! Seriously though, thank you for creating a great forum here, and welcoming me with open arms!
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