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New Sniper from the Bay Area

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Hey guys,

I'm a regular airsofter who has just discovered the role of the marksman. Using accurate, single shots to take down opponents is much more gratifying than the normal spraying of bbs in the enemies general direction, and hoping for a lucky hit.

I was using my WE M14 and picking off the other players from 200ft out, it felt so good to see them duck for cover and search for the source of the BBs. The part that pulled me into full on sniping, however, was this epic battle I had against a sniper who was simply decimating our team with his Tanaka m700 from around 280ft. He was picking off our whole team, who couldn't even lob their bbs far enough to reach him. Luckily my rifle was able to put some rounds down range far enough to get him out.

I recently picked up a used KJW M700 with the plan of maxing out this baby to get similar results as the Tanaka I'd seen. I've been doing the research, and joined this forum in the hope that I would be able to get advice and information on the gun, and how best to tweak it.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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