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new sniper, gear, weapons, ammo, and anything else

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hey guys, my name is andrew, im fairly new at airsoft sniping, in this thread ill be going over a few general topics and issues:
-a)gun issues

------------my gun
my current weapon system is the UTG m324 master sniper gen. 5
this was my first sniper and overall it is an alright gun if you put the time into practicing and getting better with it,
With the gun I got a NC star 3-9x40 scope, but I currently use a leapers 4x32 due to I only play small skirmishes in the woods sometimes.

Im looking into buying a new gun+scope/ depending which gun I get.
-My new gun, im looking into an airsoft gi g700(any comments about the gun please post)
-If you have any suggestions for any good snipers im looking for a very accurate one in my price range up to 400$
-once all the snow goes away I will be looking to play more, and once i get a job ill be looking to highly upgrade a gun,

theres a few issues I found with the m324,
if you tighten the bolt to much you will be unable to operate the bolt, it is nearly impossible for me to dial in my hop-up just right

overall its a nice gun for beginners but im looking for something intermediate.


The bb's I use for my m324 are pforce .30 seamless,
they seem alright and I have not had one jam


I currently play with some woodland camo sweatpants and sweatshirt, and a pair of boots, I have bobster glasses that are good quality for of how long ive had them, im looking to get a pair of bdu's and a boonie,


My current ghillie is a hand made woodland/desert base,
Check out my youtube channel: Ghilliewreck

my first ghillie is featured in a few videos, its a desert base on some jeans and a sweatshirt

but lets get into my current one,
it is made out of a cotton fiber flightsuit, decorative net, agway burlap, and a lot of other features that youll have to check out on youtube.


some tactics I use are fairly simple and risky,
I play with people who have fully upgraded aeg's that will easily defeat me, since they usually flank, I adjust my spot to how snipe
this was just a short intro into my sniping and I hope you enjoyed reading, please post any comments or suggestions that you may have on guns, gear, or anything else,

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I suggest you capitalize your "i"'s
before a mod gives you a warning.

Also a sniper is a person, he uses a sniper rifle to shoot other people.
As for guns, if you upgrade it all the way, the only thing you should look at is stocks, which design do you like most and which is the most durable.
If you take a cheap clone, in the end it will only have a less durable stock.
If you take a maruzen for instance, you will have a highly durable stock, which will last quite some time.
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Alright thank you, I am new to this forum so I have to get used to it.
I had the m324, not a great rifle, as it is a terrible base platform, and quite frankly sucks out of the box. However, it was durable enough not to crap out on me, and got me into the game of sniping.

If you are looking into getting a new sniper rifle, I would suggest the JG bar 10, UTG mk96, or the TM VSR-10. All three of these are great base platforms, and only cost a small amount of cash ($200 tops). They also have a abundance of upgrade parts, and can be had at and other sites around the world.

And thanks for beginning to follow the rules. Your first post was sloppy, but your second one looks good. ;)
Just making sure you would not be scolded at for bad grammar.
We enforce these rules and it sometimes scares off newcomers, but those who wish to learn or contribute to these boards learn that the grammar rule makes it easier to read for everyone.
Yes, I am starting to understand why there is this rule. It actually is a lot easier to read, and thanks for warning me about it!
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