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New Sniper on the block!

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Hey guys, just gonna give my intro as the rules state.

Basically, I really got into airsoft this summer after retiring from paintball. played paintball for close to 10 yrs and played professionally in Division 2 tourneys. decided I wanted to move on after my home field got new owners and went south real quick.

I decided to try out airsoft and fell in love with it immediately! i love the milsim aspect of the game the most and participate in any Ops or big games within driving range.

Currently i run with an VFC M27 IAR which I absolutely love and decided to give sniping a try a few months back. Got myself the Well MB4411 which is fairly new on the market I believe and it gets the job done being bonestock. I am also currently rebuilding an Echo1 m28 i got as a boneyard rifle.

I must say Ive fallen in love with sniping and how strategic it can be and how you can change the course of a battle with a few well placed shots.

So, yeah, now every weekend i make sure to bring both my AEG and sniper rifle so i never spend the whole day playing one role! :shot:
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Welcome to ASF!
Make sure to check out the stickies in the relative sections of The Rifles sub-forum and in General Sniper Talk section as well. You'll find a ton of useful info there.
cookies sound awesome!
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