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New sniper project: WELL l96

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Hey you guys!
thanks for taking the time, to read this post! :)

as you all have seen in my name, i've got a worked out vsr10!

now its time for me to work on a new airsoft sniper! :)
and i can get the well l96 very cheap! :)

i wanna upgrade that baby , but im new with those parts!
so i have the question for you guys :

what laylax parts do i need for this baby to shoot around 450 490 fps ?

i would like to have a laylax hopup unit, & trickersystem!

but i DONT know, what parts ineed!

unless:: you guys recommend me a other brand or rifle
( please dont say vsr, already got 1

thanks if you can help me out!

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The first thing I thought of was that guy from the Goonies
HEY YOU GUYS .... lol

I have one of the UTG MK96.... great rifle ... Will work on getting a review on it this weekend. That and alot of the internals are of the APS-2 from what I hear. That and polar airsoft is coming out with a new piston and stuff for it.
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Umm. .. What is a trickersystem?

Never heard of that...
Isn't the well 96 a gas in bolt rifle? If so I would stay away from it. I was looking on either airsoft atlanta or airsoft GI and they had a KJ M700 in the salvage yard for $100.... If you plan on upgrading anyway ... why not go with that?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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