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New sniper team

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This is just going to be on some information of being on my 2-man airsoft sniper team.

Person trying out for my team must complete my short and fairly simple qualification course, this deals with anything from: Range shooting (150-250ft); Camouflage and stalking; Physical fitness.

I check to make sure each person trying out is physically fit.
I require a mile run under 8 minutes, up to 10 pull ups, and 55 pushups in a minute.

Any person then completing the PFT will then be tested on shooting, camouflage, etc.

If complete course is passed I will personally check that they are ok to be able to compete as a member of my team, this means getting to know if they have the time for competitions and matches at the local field; short matches in the woods by my house, and other things not interfering with airsoft.

I check their rifle and gear that they use to play, make sure it's able to meet standards at the local field.

This is just a base to what I do, to some it might seem a little stupid and ridiculous to have to do all that, but I think it's fair.

My team competes in competitions throughout the state joined with another team to form a 6-man team.

Any questions please ask, if you'd like to visit my youtube channel, the name is: Ghilliewreck

Thanks everyone!
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