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New sniper trainee in the field!

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Hey everyone! Name's Eric. I own a Classic Army M24 Enhanced Military edition rifle. I'm still learning about being a sniper and how to take care of my rifle. I'm from Big Rapids, Michigan and am currently looking for a good place to play that's close by. Glad to join the party and can't wait to learn more about the art of being a Sniper!
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How do you like the enhanced m24? what kind of range are you getting?
I haven't really had a chance to test range, but out of the box it shoots 425 fps. I dunno if it was the retailer or just bad luck but after about two weeks of use the bolt handle came loose and fell off. I'll be ordering a new one soon as well as some upgrades for it. >.<

Are you sure you need a new bolt handle? The screw in the back routinely comes loose unfortunately. I have the CA M24 Military (V2) and had the problem of the screw coming loose after about one magazine through it. Try some blue thread lock on the screw. Fixed it for me!
Sadly I lost the screw T_T

Edit: I found the screw and everything is working properly with the bolt handle... but now the mag won't go in the chamber *hopes that's the right term <:3* I think it's a problem with my hop-up but I'm not sure.. seems like the screw that holds the hop-up and barrel assembly is hitting the wrong spot or something I have no idea. I'll post pics in a moment....

Edit x2: Okay so I've got it shooting now... everything seems to be in perfect working order. I'm missing a screw I think (the one by the cap of the bolt handle that attaches the barrel to the stock) Which I think attributes to the mag's southern end (closest to the trigger) sticking out a bit. I'll be getting some cheap IPSC targets and if I can find a good place to shoot I'll update you on stats. Anyone know how I can measure FPS without a Chronograph?

ALSO! Who makes the best 6.03 590mm Tighbore barrel?(oh and Mav3r1ck, thanks for the heads up for the blue threadlock, picked some up and it works great =D) Thanks again for everything guys!
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