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New Stock I'm getting

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I just ordered this stock a few days ago as a type of early X-Mas present. I hope I get to get it early though. ::)

Its for the Tokyo Marui VSR series of rifles. It will make my gun look original and should give it a little extra weight. What do you guys think of it?
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After using Livonia's L96 for a couple games, pistol grips are deffinitly the way to go.
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Since this new stock is an X-mas gift and my parents got it for me they now tell me that I have to wait until Christmas morning to open it. :( :( Unless I peek if I get left alone.
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Do you plan on painting it later on? Seems like your going to have a pretty awesome sniper rifle.
I don't think I will. I might ape it like the original stock or just put a wrap on it. But you never know.
Haha sorry guys for not posting in awhile. My computer got fried so I lost all my favorite forms and what not. Well heres the pictures. I have a silencer inbound and a brand new G-Spec at 400fps in the mail.

Heres my Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro-Sniper 500fps with
Of course. in any case, it's a damn fine weapon you got there sniper_117.
But its going to still be better with that 555mm barrel in it and an awesome looking suppressor. It's not going to be to long either since I'm going to swap out my stock Pro barrel with a G-spec shorter barrel with a long Silencer on it, instead of putting the silencer on the Pro and making it to long.
Sorry for the double post but it would have been a huge comment

Sorry for the double post, edit button wasn't there. But I got my G-spec this after noon after I got of work and I saw the box on my door, I almost left the car running I wanted to open it so badly :a-cheesy: I ran inside and started opening the box and all I can saw is "wow it looks great."
(Sorry the images are a little blurry I had to stand on my couch to get all of it in the shot.)

A King Arms suppressor

The high rise scope mounts

How do you guys like it?
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Dude, that is still one of the sexiest looking VSR's I've ever seen, and it looks even better with that suppressor! Good job.
Thanks, All I really need to do is drill the hole to get the swivel stud in then I'm basically done with the G-Spec. I'm going to try to get a real steel Remington 700 stock for the Pro-Sniper to make it look a little better then upgrade it in the future with maybe a fluted barrel with some PDI parts, so I can have a Laylax vsr and a PDI vsr
but if I buy the fluted barrel set and get a hop-up chamber and another silencer/attachment to hold it I'll have a third VSR on my hands from the stock parts of both of these beauties
Nothing can beat three I guess. ;)

EDIT - some more pics

Heres some more pictures of it, with the 130 spring in it, since I wanted to test it out with both cylinders.

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Sifr and Wandall, please ensure you check the dates on threads before posting, this thread is over 6 months old before you guys posted. Making it dead and you both Necro posters.

I'll just call this strike 1.
Excuse my next words but WTF!!!??? What is this? Why we are not allowed to comment on the topics posted on this forum? Even though it is old? If a topic doesn't get replyes in a half a year it gets "locked" since no posting is allowed? There might be a clear point I am missing out from this so PLEASE explain it to me or provide a link (I have a good idea what link it'll be though

P.S. I ain't pissed or sth, rather confused and stunned.
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Wandall the fact of the manner is that it is an old post, the user isnt active, and there are newer threads with active members in them. Please just listen to the Admins and Mods. They didnt give you a hastle they just asked you to FOLLOW THE RULES. They are made and enforced for a reason.

Now you breaking another rule which is SPAM. Now if this was a week old then no one would have a problem with it but it was last posted 1/2 a year ago. Thats quite some time. We accept new members but still need them to follow rules. This isnt an Anarchy or this would be Chaos and it would not run properly.

Please stop your ridiculousness or threads will start getting locked and people WONT be able to post in them. Its just a hastle for the staff of the forum to go threw every thread and lock them when it is easier to have people follow a simple rule and respect it.
Rabbit, I do not understand your attitude? I simply asked what is so wrong in posting and bringing some life into an old thread? I am NOT SPAMMING? At least I think spamming is some mindless chanting of the same thing several times in a row? And I have not done that? I think... But if you consider a mature questioning of some rule or fact about something as spam or being disobedient, then I can not help you.
Thanks Rabbit, but let's leave the moderation asshole job to me next time, eh?

To you Wandall:
If a thread is more than 3 months old, generally speaking. It's considered outdated and the information is useless, generally speaking, if you post something that is not extremely significant to the topic itself, we'll just delete it and give you one warning. However, if you have relevent information you'd like to make, we make exceptions sometimes.

If you have a question about something, just make a new thread, it's not that hard, and we don't get mad. So long as you aren't making 10 threads in different boards asking the same thing.

Because of our website/forum's increasing population, rules have been layed down and we will enforce them, please ensure you have read them all so you're aquainted with it.

I don't want any more discussion about this matter, if you have a problem with it, PM me and I'll take care of you. But generally speaking, just don't post in threads that are old, if you do this it's most likely not going to get read by the person who made it and chances are their question was already answered or the topic was already discussed. Thanks,

Airsoft Sniper Administrator
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Oh... In finnish forums it's a general rule that you SHALL NOT make a new topic if there exists a topic or thread about something... Regardless of its age. Sorry for this inconvinience, I'll start makeing new topics when needed then. =)
Thanks Wandall, glad you could sort this out.
Wandall said:
Oh... In finnish forums it's a general rule that you SHALL NOT make a new topic if there exists a topic or thread about something... Regardless of its age. Sorry for this inconvinience, I'll start makeing new topics when needed then. =)
You were completely correct in assuming that that's the way things go, I mean most forums go by that rule.

Seeing as your posts were deleted I have no way of knowing what you posted to revive this thread but as long as it was pertinent and worth posting I see no reason why you can't post here.
If you said something like "Oh cool, yeah this stock looks good" then I'd say please refrain from necroposting like that. On the other hand if you would have asked an important question or posted a useful link about the Smokey's stock I would say good going and support your posting here.
Thanks. I didn't write anything that spectacular, but I never write anything totally useless so there must have been at least some point what I wrote. I do not remember what I wrote myself either. xD
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