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Wandall said:
Oh... In finnish forums it's a general rule that you SHALL NOT make a new topic if there exists a topic or thread about something... Regardless of its age. Sorry for this inconvinience, I'll start makeing new topics when needed then. =)
You were completely correct in assuming that that's the way things go, I mean most forums go by that rule.

Seeing as your posts were deleted I have no way of knowing what you posted to revive this thread but as long as it was pertinent and worth posting I see no reason why you can't post here.
If you said something like "Oh cool, yeah this stock looks good" then I'd say please refrain from necroposting like that. On the other hand if you would have asked an important question or posted a useful link about the Smokey's stock I would say good going and support your posting here.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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