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Wandall the fact of the manner is that it is an old post, the user isnt active, and there are newer threads with active members in them. Please just listen to the Admins and Mods. They didnt give you a hastle they just asked you to FOLLOW THE RULES. They are made and enforced for a reason.

Now you breaking another rule which is SPAM. Now if this was a week old then no one would have a problem with it but it was last posted 1/2 a year ago. Thats quite some time. We accept new members but still need them to follow rules. This isnt an Anarchy or this would be Chaos and it would not run properly.

Please stop your ridiculousness or threads will start getting locked and people WONT be able to post in them. Its just a hastle for the staff of the forum to go threw every thread and lock them when it is easier to have people follow a simple rule and respect it.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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