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New Texas airsoft sniper here.

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Hi.Been a long time lurker but finally decided to join so that I could post new info reguarding upgrades for the agm mp001 and utg m324.I look forward to the wealth of knowledge all of you can provide.Ive been airsoft sniping since 2010 and along the way have proved that with enough diy mods any rifle can be great.
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Hiya Mutt, welcome to the the forum. Nice folks to be found here, fun, patient and knowledgeable too! Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to the Sniper forums buddy. And I do totally agree, any rifle can be made great!
Welcome to the forum and DIY mods are the best!

Welcome to the boards.

Hey welcome and where do you play? I'm in Louisiana and want to travel to a real event, there is nowhere to play in the whole state!
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