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New to AEG Gearboxs JG / SRC Comparison

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Ok so I've always left the AEG stuff to others (more of a gas / spring person) but I've recently grown sick of bringing it into the shop and then paying $20 labour fees every-time.

These are the two GB I have one is from an SRC M4 where the trigger is locked up and I really don't care for it and the other is a JG reinforced black type GB from my Mk18 Mod0.

The SRC Gb was shooting idk what because its been broken for the past 2 years, something about a tappet plate. I have a feeling it was shooting 360Fps.

The JG is currently shooting 22Bbps at 280Fps. But it occasionally skips to full-auto when its on semi.

My question is what should I take from the SRC Gb and replace in the JG Gb.

I saw that the anti-reverse latch on the SRC is one solid piece whilst the JG one was 2 seperate peices.

Honestly I've never touched let alone opened an AEG so please bare with me I'm really just looking for parts to exchange between the two to make one of them run very well at around a 350Fps configuration.

I do have a spring that was shooting 425Fps on hand could I cut that down to run at 350Fps?

Also would the SRC or JG Gb be better to use as a shell.

Thanks in advance.
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No,place the bushings back in the SRC GB case,and place the parts goldentrigun listed inside aswell.Your bushings should fit very tightly in your GB case.I lkie to use super glue on the seats of my bushings,and seat them ussing a ballpeen hammer and ratchet extention.You dont want the bushings comming out when you open the GB up.

Here is an excellent guide for GB shimming,very good in fact:

Heres another regarding opening the GB for the first time:

Hers a very good one for advanced hopup modification:

I hope these help.
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You broke the SRC motor connectors or the JG ones?Hopefully you broke the JG ones,if biggie just unsolder the ones from your good trigger switch and resolder them to the trigger switch with the bum motor connectors.Hopefully you broke the JG ones.Wire harnesses are basically the only weak links in JG GB's.
You gotta go to work tomorrow right?Just bring it and some rosin core solder home with you,no biggie.
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