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New to airsoft. Need gun recommendations.

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Hello. I'm new to airsoft. I own a bunch of the budget low end pistols/rifles. I'm looking specifically for a sniper rifle that can hit the bullseye consistently at 30-40 feet (1 inch groupings) which is the usual range I'll be shooting at. Ideally one that could have a 1-3 inch spread at 100 feet for when I have a chance to shoot longer range. Id like to stay around the 100 dollar range but up to 200 is fine. If there's something that fits my description and costs more please tell me about that One and recommend a cheaper version. One that is easy to replace parts on and has readily available replacement parts is a must for when things inevitably wear out. .25 gram bbs would be great but overall weight of bbs is the least of my concern. Accuracy first. Easy to work on for maintenance second. And if possible something I can order on amazon because I know they'll reimburse me if it's a lemon. I look forward to hearing from you guys because I know this hobby gets deep and I know I've only scratched the surface and don't want to buy a gun that wont for my needs. Thanks in advance :)
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The Novritsch SSG10 is a great beginner choice, although it’s $300 new. Worth the extra money IMO.

I have talked to the Fox Airsoft team, and they highly recommend the Action Army, so that may be something work looking into.

You won’t be able to hit a small bullseye constantly, but you should get pretty dang close. ;)
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Yes, are you going to be using this for hunting? Or just target practice?
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