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New to being an Airsoft Marksman?

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Here are a couple quick guidelines to remember.

-"First shot, Second shot, Last shot". This is a classic sniper technique that will save your ass one day in the field. Take your three shots then relocate.

-"What you think is a good hide, isn't". Avoid fallen logs, and shooting from trees. The exposure off the side of top of your cover is only an odd shape to the human eyes. This is called "Tree Cancer". Cliche hides are nothing but a dead giveaway to a trained Countersniper.

-"Guerrilla Warfare". Read every article you can find about it, because it just may be a good friend.

-"Spotters". Are unnecessary in Airsoft, they are just another person to give away your position.

-"Play it smart". Make sure you don't lose sight of your enemy and get yourself surrounded, always keep to the outside of firezones for a far flank, your long range will come in handy.
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I remember back in the day when Livonia would roll along and spot for me. True, it was useful having his SPR there for a heavier base of fire if needed but overall I've experienced that alone I can be much more effective in most situations.

For me, spotters are useful in some situations and completely superfluous in others. I don't need any 'help' hiding, that is, unless it's a final distance check by a buddy to make sure I don't have any odd ends sticking out but that can just be radio'd in. Spotters in airsoft are fun at times, but in no way a necessity.

From and urban standpoint, the need for a spotter just goes out the window in most cases. If you're fighting alongside riflemen, grenadiers and support gunners, why would you need some guy following you around? It's just one more distraction and focus is key.

Mosin said:
seeing as his rifle shoots a consistant 550 FPS with a .2
I'm pretty sure it shoots a consistent 515, but no big.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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