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New to forum, couple q's for ya.

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Hello there, i am a sniper in airsoft, has been playing for a couple years now. More of a lesiure player with friends but we're not the kind of people who screw around when we play. We play for fun but with a more serious aspect to it. I'm new to forums for airsoft and i had a couple questions i thought you guys might be able to answer for me.

Well first off, i own a completely stock part UTG MK96 sniper. its about a year and a half old and to my standards it runs pretty well. I've owned plenty of guns though to know that they do break after a while. I do not know however about upgrading parts in guns and if that would extend the life of my precious sniper. So this brings me to my first question, if i were to upgrade this MK96, what would you suggest for the upgrades?

Thats my main question, but i think i have a couple smaller ones here that have been bothering me for a while.
- a while ago i lost my bipod attachment rail thing that goes on the front of my gun and i haven't found it in over a year. i still have the bipod but i can't connect it. just wondering if anyone would know where to attain one of them..
- i know the forum rules say not to say which gun is better? but i must ask if anyone has any reccomendations for a more reliable gas pistol for a sidearm? because all i have as of now is a spring :/ which is not very reliable at all... and i know some gas guns can be pointless and some very worth it. so if you have a reccomendation that would be wonderful!

that's pretty much it. thank you so much for reading this and helpin me along.

alright. peace!
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