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Hello all!

My name is Will. I live in Abingdon, VA. I've played airsoft for a couple of years with a recent long hiatus due to family and school commitments. I've always enjoyed precision marksmanship and used to compete way back when. The fieldcraft element of sniping is a pretty good outlet for one of my previous careers as an Army Scout.

Previously I've been running as a grenadier. I even went to Irene VII in that role.

I recently traded away some slightly damaged guns for a heavily upgraded TM VSR. So far I'm doing pretty well at hitting a one square foot piece of sheet metal I have set up in the backyard. About the farthest I can get from it is 150 feet or so. My next project is to get my ghillie set up.

I look forward to gleaning some knowledge from the forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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