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New to sniping! Need Help!

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Hello guys!
I am new to the forum but I want to start off by asking a question.
What are good sniper rifles I can get? I would prefer a gas rifle. Thanks for your help guys!
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Welcome. That being said kjw kco2, there is a gas bar10, um gas ares .338, tanaka takedown.... There's a lot of them out there .I personally prefer spring powered for their consistency.

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First of all make an intro post in the New member section.... forum rules

Stay away from take down version!!
I'd say the best gas gun are the Tanaka's but they are far too delicate and break down fairly easy, no matter what you've read don't buy Ares.

If you want a GBBR then the KJW KC02 is very good base.

And the best of the best gas sniper rifle is the Asahi WA2000.... Trust me nothing can beat that thing!

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You're new to sniping so I would highly recommend a spring first as gas is much more complicated!
However, if you're confident that you want a gas rifle first, or if you already have had experience in other gas airsoft guns, then the KJW is a good starting point.
If you want gas, you can't really go wrong with a KJW M700 ~200 new and already is already set up for VSR cut barrels.
Sorry! I will get on that right now!
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