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New to sniping, what to expect, and other Q's

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I am a total newbie airsoft sniper. Been playing for a couple years, but this is my first sniper rifle. (aside from a UTG....but that doesnt count)

I recently got a Bar-10 in a trade, loving it so far. The guy says he had the following installed:

-laylax 6.03x430mm inner tightbore barrel
-laylax barrel spacers
-nineball bucking
-PDI piston sear
-PDI set pin
-PDI trigger sear
-PDI BaRiKaRu compo piston
-PDI 9mm spring guide
-PDI 140% spring

Being a total newbie to airsoft sniper rifles, and almost a total newbie to internals in general, I am not even sure what all of that does.

After sighting in the rifle to the best of my ability, I hit a regular sized cereal box at ~170 feet 2/4 times. Is that decent performance for an airsoft rifle? The two off shots hit close enough that a 2-3 inch increase in the size of the box in each direction would have made it 4/4, most likely.

This was with G&G .28s. Would using better BBs allow me to make that shot consistently? Would that be decent performance for my rifle? I think I want to try out BB King .32s next.....

I would assume the performance of my rifle being "good" is entirely relative to the performance of everyone else's guns that I am playing with. How much more effective range should I be having over them to have a "good" rifle? Obviously one could not give a set number, but an idea, example, or educated guess would be awesome.

Any info for a newbie airsoft sniper is welcome here as well.


Oh, and here is a picture of my new rifle.
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Congrats on the new rifle!
Yes that is great performance, but try to get some Bioval BBBmax's or some madbull heavyweights.
Yes they will increase accuracy and consistency.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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