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Hello all,

I figured I would type up a quick introduction as a first post before I go pillaging the information on this board. My name is Travis Mihm. I'm 17 (in high school with no job. Bummer.), and live in the southwestern portion of Michigan. I found this sight through the Michigan Airsoft Forum, and see that it's a place that fits my style like a glove. I have had over a year's worth of "experience" in airsoft, that's about where I'll put it. We had 3 little spring MP5s back in the day, and up until this fall, I never thought about airsoft much, just played every once in a while. I'm still technically a newb, and have yet to play in a large, non-backyard game. I host my own back yard games, well, back woods and fields, on our 40-acre property with a few buddies of mine. A sin I know, I guess it's supposed to show I'm not serious in the sport? Truth is, I am more or less using it as a training grounds for my friends and myself before I hit a real field. I work on a shoestring budget. And I mean that in the most literal sense known to man. I have a TSD VSR-clone. It's technically stock for now, but where I come from, we pride ourselves on ingenuity, and I've done a fair amount of tinkering with this thing. Links to my thread at the Michigan Airsoft Forum will be available if requested. My sidearm is a TSD/Bell M9 GBB. It gets the job done if the mags are warm, but I haven't had the chance to carry it because of the low temperatures. I own some very old camo. Not a gear guru by any means, so I don't know what you call it. It's just blobs of green, brown, and black. I will be making a ghillie soon as the snow clears out, but for now I have made a hood, face cover, overcoat, and pants out of white cloth, and cover my gun with the same material. I am proud to say that in all my newb glory, I have taken out someone facing me from 50 or 60 feet away, and not be seen (even though they looked around for me before they called their hit, which didn't make me happy at all). That's about it for now. I'll be impressed if you've read up until now anyway, what I just wrote is pretty much a newb book. Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Welcome to the forum!^^ You will be learning tons of stuff from this place i promise ;)

Happy snipin'!
Hey there,

nice to have you here. =) It's good to train yourself so that you can feel shrapnels of the greatness of this class when joining the real field. Yet to master the moves it's good to gain some theoretical wisdom too, like from a great forum like this!

I don't know about the sins of back yard/forest playing in USA, since I'm from Finland and here it's OK as long as it is either publicly accepted area or private forest, but in the name of the sport make sure you play fair and safe for everybody's sake.

P.S. Watch out for mistakes in spelling and grammar. =) We do have the Spell Checker available, but even it doesn't correct your grammar and written sense. =) One more thing, you might want to concider splitting up your post into paragraphs so it'll be easier to read. ^^
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I don't see very many grammar/spelling errors, but this is through a migraine, and I'm sure I'm missing things. Thanks for that tip on the paragraphs. I don't know what I was thinking, writing one paragraph the size of Texas.
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