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Hey there,

nice to have you here. =) It's good to train yourself so that you can feel shrapnels of the greatness of this class when joining the real field. Yet to master the moves it's good to gain some theoretical wisdom too, like from a great forum like this!

I don't know about the sins of back yard/forest playing in USA, since I'm from Finland and here it's OK as long as it is either publicly accepted area or private forest, but in the name of the sport make sure you play fair and safe for everybody's sake.

P.S. Watch out for mistakes in spelling and grammar. =) We do have the Spell Checker available, but even it doesn't correct your grammar and written sense. =) One more thing, you might want to concider splitting up your post into paragraphs so it'll be easier to read. ^^
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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