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Hi,guys.Names Widowmaker,but on here had to go with Widowmaker08,no biggy,lol.I've been into airsoft for about 10 years and a sniper for 9 of it.My weapon of choice is the Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S (preban version).I also have a custom MK12 full systema upgrade AEG,and carry 2 G18c glocks as my back ups.I found this forum by accident,and to tell you the truth I'm glad I did.Airsoft snipers are few and far between,lol.I live in Vancleave Ms and have my own 10 acre play field.I've participated in several major games in the US,the most recent being operation Blackjack in florida.I look forward to learning as much as I can from some of you veteran snipers and maybe some newbies as well.
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The G18c's are better for me in very tight situations,as i can concentrate on simultaneous multiple targets and not be weighted down by an M4 or MP5 and what not.I have taken out as many as 6 attackers at one time within seconds.I carry a variety of noise makers that I place to help watch my flank.I might be a little unorthidox,but it's worked for me for a number of years now.Please excuse my grammar.
LOL,that's cool.So how come you guys don't have a chat box on here?my forum has one and it stays pretty busy.
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