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New to the forums. Tampa fl.

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Name: Justin

Callsign: OneShot

Experience (How long have you been playing airsoft? any military experience? What training do you have?): about 10 years

You're arsenal (What are you shootin'?): Socom r700, g4-a3 dmr,h&k g36c, cyma m14 cupcake, jg g36.

Your camo (Did you make your ghillie suit? buy it? Are you an urban sniper): I have tiger stripe bdus currently making ghillie. Custom gun paintjobs

What are your other hobbies?: Paintball, guitar, movies, hanging out with friends

Where do you reside? (No exact address, simply saying the state and/or country will suffice): Tampa florida

Im not new to being a airsoft sniper, been one since I started airsoft and never stoped.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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