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Name: Jay

Callsign: Majik

Experience: None. I am new to the game, but I've dedicated myself to learning everything I can about the game before starting any actual matches.


Rifle: Unfortunately Double Eagle M59 (There is a story behind this which I am very upset about, but this is not the correct place to share that.)

Sidearm: HG-190

Camo: Nothing yet, hoping to get some tips from here.

Hobbies: Music, movies, computers, reading.

Location: Rhode Island, USA

I look forward to learning from all of you.

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Thanks for the welcome!

Looking forward to being a part of the community.

As requested:

So a few of my friends and I decided to start playing airsoft, we signed up about 10 guys and all decided to try different websites to buy guns from so we could share experiences and would know where to order additional gear / weapons without problems. has a special going:

UTG Accushot Shadow Ops Black Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
2 Magazines
Speed Loader
UTG Master Scope
Scope Mount and Rings
Smith & Wesson Type Pistol
10,000 BBs

All for $249.99 - I figured hey, not a bad deal, it will get me started playing and I can work some upgrades into my budget later.

Shipping was horrible, no tracking numbers, on hold for 2.5 hours at a time before I gave up and hung up trying to get a tracking number, multiple emails never answered, even waited on hold for live chat who at first gave me the wrong tracking number, so had to wait on hold with them again to get the correct tracking number, finally it shows up a few weeks later and the gun is a Double Eagle M59P with no extra magazine.

So get on live chat, they tell me there is nothing they can do and I need to call support and that there is no difference between the UTG gun and the Double Eagle gun. So I call, wait on hold for about an hour, finally get someone. The guy is extremely rude, unhelpful and all he keeps saying is that they "hooked me up" by upgrading my pistol from a palco gas pistol to the HG-109 gas pistol and that there is no difference between the UTG gun and the Double Eagle gun. The only answer he can give me is "Well send the whole thing back, you pay for return shipping and we will never sell you anything again." He then asks me if I had opened the package, I said yes I had, I needed to inspect the gun (which has a broken hop-up, but I'll get into that in a bit). His answer now changes to, well we won't take it back. I then tell him that the hop up is broken to which he promptly responds "Yeah right." I offer a picture and tell him I want the situation rectified and if I'm stuck with this gun, they are fixing it. He says I need to call ANOTHER number and get the part shipped out, so we go back and forth for another 20 minutes and finally he says he will ship out the second magazine and he will put the call into tech support for me, I'll get a call back within a few hours or the next morning.

~32 hours later...

Tech support calls, different rep who was actually a nice guy, says he will ship the hop up fix out asap and I can fix it myself, if I can't fix it myself I can send the gun back in so they can repair it but I still have to pay for shipping.

That's my horror story in dealing with a shady website and their horrible horrible customer support, there is probably more to that story that I am not writing, but I am so upset about the whole thing that I am desperately trying to repress the memory of the purchase.

I posted in another part of the forum looking for some help on upgrades to the gun to make it a little better, since I really don't know what 3rd party parts are actually going to fit, hopefully I can make this a halfway decent gun while I put some money aside for a good rifle.

I'd like to stick with the L96 model since I really like how it feels and how it looks. What would you guys recommend for a manufacturer? Low price / Mid Price and High price recommendations would be fantastic.

Please let me know if that above section shouldn't be posted in here and I will gladly edit the post to remove it.

Thanks guys!
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