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new to the upgeading side of things

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Hi guys im currently upgrading my TM VSR10 G-Spec i have installed a 125 spring but im really lacking on range and accuracy and when im adjusting the hop it doesnt seem to change much any help would be much appreciated :)
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It's just the forum rules bud...
why newmember always don't go search around first. your gun is very common, LOL.
I also would like to see your introduction post first. Also please check your grammar before sending your post. =)

Despite the fact of me liking to sink my teeth into infractions on this site, I also like to be a nice guy so I'll give you some advice on your matter despite it has already been said:

What I can say is we have many fine and very informative threads here to help those who aim in better airsoft marksmanship on pretty much any level of skill, wether you're starting or already very experienced sharpshooter. All you need to do is browse through the various sections we have here and choose the correct one for your need. In your case it is precisely this VSR Rifles from "The Rifles" section.

Now since you've found the correct area of subject you shoul'd first look through what has already been told and see if it would (usually does pretty well) help you to get forward in your own project.

If it does not, THEN resolve the problem by asking others via a new thread underneath this section. And in order to do this you NEED TO HAVE an introduction post written into the corresponding section. Why? Because it's an rule here silly! =) Surely you read the manual before you start to use something new right?

What has happened here is you've skipped something that I've just written above, right? =) Well I let you go this time, but let me catch ya posting again without having an proper introduction thread... It'll start raining infractions.

Hope you found this response helpfull! ^^
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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