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New Toy! new to me atleast... (pics added)

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I just picked up a CA8-2 (KH SL9) on the cheap, already upgraded to 500! It needs some love, but this means I can move my G36c DMR internals and mix and match it and turn my G36c back into a "C" and still run all the same mags. I'm stoked! Pics later some time this week if people are interested in this gun.

Edit: Here are pics next to its "little" cousin:

I am still debating what I will do to mix up the scopes. The stock scope on the SL9 is a 3x, but it has a really bad field of view and eye relief.... I dunno...
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Glad to hear it! I'll post some pics here and see how people react before I do a review. Since this gun is discontinued I don't really see the point in doing a complete review if there's no interest, that and the fact that I got it used/pre-upgraded. I'll try and get some preliminary pictures up tonight just to show it off
. However I am planning to spend my next weekend (mon-tues) doing a complete breakdown and gutting the whole thing, re-enforcing the body where there might be some stress and re-working the entire gear box, so that would probably be the most ideal time to do a complete review, assuming that there isn't anything so broken that I can't find parts and get it back together in a day or two.
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What about making bbs for her? ;) I would love to see it though... I have always liked the SL8/9
LoL that project is coming a bit slower. Got a drill press and most of the tools needed, having issues finding a block for the mold locally, but there is (yet another) project I am looking at for the SL9 re-build that will require some metal purchases, so if its convenient I'll buy them all online at the same time; then it'll just be a matter of trying to make the custom drill bit....
Did some work on them yesterday, changed up the parts. Still need to do wiring on the SL9, hopefully gonna chrono the G36 today:

Ill post specs later if people are interested.
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I'll do a detailed breakdown and review with pics this weekend when I install my new wiring, and post it in the reviews section.
That thing is drop dead sexy. Too bad they don't make them anymore, I'd love to have one.
I got one pre-upgraded also, has an amp high torque also haha.
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