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New VSR and L96 chasis thoughts?

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Seems everyone likes stocks but there really are none. Many people have more than one gun. A multi-chassis stock would be cool.

Well to be honest they are pretty darn easy to make. So I had a thought. I could make a new chassis that is gun agnostic. That is, you could use it for either VSR10 or L96 by swapping in and out some fabricated components that bolt in. Probably a square tube setup like Smokeys but probably with side plates like RH does. That is the simplest to do which keeps price down. With the commercial AR15 butt stock and a gaudy grip people tend to gobble it up. The work is making it gun agnostic which could be cool.

I don't know how much would people pay for a new stock like that that had CNC'ed bits to swap out that was super rigid and was strong enough to be used for a real steel gun?

Maybe a project for next year. Maybe not. Either way I am interested in hearing options on the subject.

I am really partial to the EGW.
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YESSS! This would be great. I would be totally interested, and would most likely buy one.
Also, custom bolt handles seem easy to machine, and really wanted and sweet to have.
I've been thinking about this too... but that cad program isn't too cheap... but not as much as others. AutoCAD a building software runs $1,000 for a single license. How much would it run to manufacture a cylinder or something?
$20k? I think you're exaggerating quite a bit. A decent lathe runs around $500...
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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