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New VSR and L96 chasis thoughts?

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Seems everyone likes stocks but there really are none. Many people have more than one gun. A multi-chassis stock would be cool.

Well to be honest they are pretty darn easy to make. So I had a thought. I could make a new chassis that is gun agnostic. That is, you could use it for either VSR10 or L96 by swapping in and out some fabricated components that bolt in. Probably a square tube setup like Smokeys but probably with side plates like RH does. That is the simplest to do which keeps price down. With the commercial AR15 butt stock and a gaudy grip people tend to gobble it up. The work is making it gun agnostic which could be cool.

I don't know how much would people pay for a new stock like that that had CNC'ed bits to swap out that was super rigid and was strong enough to be used for a real steel gun?

Maybe a project for next year. Maybe not. Either way I am interested in hearing options on the subject.

I am really partial to the EGW.
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Making is not hard the idea and solving the issues is the hard part. :)
Just make it man! airsoft is full of people talking but not doing. Who cares if it takes a year and cost you a few hundred bucks? It is more time than anything.
I understand. I was not trying to be a jerk, just trying to help you out and motivate you. Look, here is how you do it.

First you need CAD. Viacad costs $90 and takes a few days to learn but you get better with time obviously. Check it out, SUPER easy for CAD and CAD is notoriously horrible to use. That is good stuff that is so cheap it boggles the mind. It has a ton of tutorials as well.


Then you need some stuff machined. You can have any shop in your local area do the work. Here I ran a quick search in Seattle area.

Heck, send me the plans, I know a guy 82 years old with a full machine shop looking for stuff to do. I'll get you a quote.

Metal from here.

Plan it out, draw it out, take your time. may take a few months. Heck I bet you need stuff to kill time anyhow, right?

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It is $99.00.

Draw it up, go to a shop ask ask them. You need the specific part with dimensions. Once you have that they can give you a price.
Very good lathe for the price. $1349.95.

I can do everything I need on this for $700..

Woogie just go this. $499.

Here is a nice CNC one, it is on my list. They make their paint ball gun parts on it.

All those big 20K ones are industrial. For prototyping anything above will work, even for small production they will work. No doubt. I see shops running banks of sherline mills for production.

Anyhow my whole point is if people really want to make something.... you can.
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Ohh I follow. If nothing else draw up the idea and post it maybe. Sounds like you have some good ideas in your head and your very knowledgeable. :)
I got this one, vise and mill bits too. em45f7555966

Remember to drill and bolt round tube mount for the drill press head and at the base. It will spin the head on the round pole, it is just held in place with a set screw.

Mount this to the table, your golden. em56447ec0ef

Good luck!
Yep and they have them in stock at harbor freight all the time. Just tighten it up, you'll see how and why when you look at it, and keep it lubed, it will be quite fine. :)

Drill press milling, notice he mills along the Y axis, drill presses do not like milling along the X it kicks the head pretty good when the bit bites in. -

If you have not seen these check them out. They are from the MIT and there are 10 videos I think. You can learn more in a few hours than you can all year making mistakes with these videos.
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