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New VSR and L96 chasis thoughts?

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Seems everyone likes stocks but there really are none. Many people have more than one gun. A multi-chassis stock would be cool.

Well to be honest they are pretty darn easy to make. So I had a thought. I could make a new chassis that is gun agnostic. That is, you could use it for either VSR10 or L96 by swapping in and out some fabricated components that bolt in. Probably a square tube setup like Smokeys but probably with side plates like RH does. That is the simplest to do which keeps price down. With the commercial AR15 butt stock and a gaudy grip people tend to gobble it up. The work is making it gun agnostic which could be cool.

I don't know how much would people pay for a new stock like that that had CNC'ed bits to swap out that was super rigid and was strong enough to be used for a real steel gun?

Maybe a project for next year. Maybe not. Either way I am interested in hearing options on the subject.

I am really partial to the EGW.
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I totally agree! A way to get my hands on a nice new stock would be a no brainer especially after seeing your beautiful work on your custom rifle.
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