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New winter project (help wanted)

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Alright guys, I am getting a hold of a WE 1911 soon, and its my new project for over the winter.

I plan on doing some upgrading and some modding to make this into a pretty nice pistol. From what I am told, its got some problems, but it will be a nice little challenge, and I got all fall/winter to do it.

First off, here is a link to the pistol:

Here is my upgrade list at the moment: Note that I am not entirely sure what is and what is not compatible. I will be sending evike a message asking what works, but any help/advice/personnel experience from you guys would be great.

Not to sure what all this means at the moment

Thats it at the moment. Been looking around for some other stuff. Mainly, I want to get this thing gas efficient and shooting smoothly.

Mag upgrades/mods

Apparently, some of the mags that I will be receiving have some leaking issues. Thats a given though with a we tech mag. I have seen some videos on how to make them more gas efficient, but have heard that sometimes the o rings need to be replaced.

Such as this:

But what about this:
Not exactly sure if I would need this or not. Would have to open up the mag to see whats up.

As you can tell, I am not a pro with gas guns. I have been researching for some time, but could use alittle guidance on the upgrade path, as well as helping me out with what some of these parts are.

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Most of those upgrades from a quick glance are all easy to install. I'll throw you some more information about them later this week, and I should be able to help you as you progress through your project if you have any questions.
Ok, so here's what I've got to offer for right now.

The first link is a new loading chamber, which never hurts. Not sure about the WE brand, but I've never honestly had a specific need to replace them on any other pistol - it's just one of the those upgrades to upgrade...But it also comes with an enhanced recoil (probably a 150% spring) and hammer spring (again probably 150%). Those will give you a bit more and quicker recoil, as well as a quicker hammer reset when shooting, which can help. If you go that route, you won't need to get the items in your last link, as for only $10 more, I would probably go this route.

The next item is just a "bucking", which is the same as your second to last. I've had good luck with some CP parts in my WA, but never personally used either bucking you've got listed, so your guess is as good as mine in this area, take it your pick...

Next, I've never used a 6.01 in my pistols, tightest I've used is a 6.04 in my WA Para Ord. It's nice, but with the tighter bore, you're gonna be looking at a rise in velocity, which may or may not put you higher than you intend, so keep that in mind.

The threaded barrel is nice for a suppressor, especially if you run an extended barrel, but other than that it's just a novelty. So, depending on what route you want to go with that should be the only thing that dictates whether or not you go with the threaded barrel.

Lastly, I don't know specifically if the WE has a long or short spring guide. My WAs are half and half, but the longer spring guide (should be usable even if it comes stock with a short spring guide) will help stabilize the spring and give you a more 'crisp' recoil when shooting. It'll make it slightly more tedious to fully disassemble the gun, but nothing unbearable, maybe an extra 15-20 seconds.

Again, if you have any more questions, I'm more than happy to throw you what I know when I get a chance.

(Also, I was thinking there was another thread that I said I would give you info about when I got some time, but now that I've got the weekend, I can't remember what it was! If you could point me in that direction, I'll help you out there too.)

Nevermind, it was Woogie's M24 trigger thread. I'll pull one of mine apart tomorrow and help him out then.
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Depending on where the mag is leaking, assuming the bottom since you have the o-ring listed. What I've done on my leaking WA mags is replace the o-ring at the base of the mag with a brand new one, and go over to your local hardware or automotive store and pick up a tube of either clear or black silicon RTV. Apply the RTV around the o-ring (don't glob it on there but don't do it sparingly either.) Reassemble the the mag, and let it cure for 24 hours. Once the RTV cures, it'll harden to the extent that it should fill all leaking spots at the base of the mag. The downside is it takes a but longer to get the mag back apart, but nothing terrible and it should fix your leaks down there.

The other thing I would do is get some new flow valves and install them at the top of the mag. Look as some "efficiency" valves, I know they make them for both WA and TM (the WA valves likely won't fit, but the TM valves should), so you should be able to find them without too much hassle. What they do is direct the flow of gas out of the mag better, which cuts down on consumption.

Something like this for the valves is what I would use:

You also might need to replace the fill valve as well, depending on where everything is leaking.
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