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New winter project (help wanted)

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Alright guys, I am getting a hold of a WE 1911 soon, and its my new project for over the winter.

I plan on doing some upgrading and some modding to make this into a pretty nice pistol. From what I am told, its got some problems, but it will be a nice little challenge, and I got all fall/winter to do it.

First off, here is a link to the pistol:

Here is my upgrade list at the moment: Note that I am not entirely sure what is and what is not compatible. I will be sending evike a message asking what works, but any help/advice/personnel experience from you guys would be great.

Not to sure what all this means at the moment

Thats it at the moment. Been looking around for some other stuff. Mainly, I want to get this thing gas efficient and shooting smoothly.

Mag upgrades/mods

Apparently, some of the mags that I will be receiving have some leaking issues. Thats a given though with a we tech mag. I have seen some videos on how to make them more gas efficient, but have heard that sometimes the o rings need to be replaced.

Such as this:

But what about this:
Not exactly sure if I would need this or not. Would have to open up the mag to see whats up.

As you can tell, I am not a pro with gas guns. I have been researching for some time, but could use alittle guidance on the upgrade path, as well as helping me out with what some of these parts are.

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If its a singlestack 1911 the spring guide wont cause any issues at stock power levels and springs, Im not too sure what will happen with a heavier recoil and hammer spring.
My MEU has a threaded barrel, but i havent used a suppressor with it.
One thing you do not want to do is to short stroke it by using a spring too heavy for the gun to cycle completely. the hammer, when it is locked back by the slide, can catch the slide back by pushing up under the rounded nub at the end of the slide(look at the very rear of the slide at the back of the blowback housing)
Normally the spring will provide enough force to force the hammer down the 1/16th inch and let the slide return to battery, but if the slide is short stroking, such as is the case with a heavy spring or mag low on gas, it will catch the slide about an inch back. the solution would be to increase gas flow either through a heavier spring or valves on the mags.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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