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New winter project (help wanted)

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Alright guys, I am getting a hold of a WE 1911 soon, and its my new project for over the winter.

I plan on doing some upgrading and some modding to make this into a pretty nice pistol. From what I am told, its got some problems, but it will be a nice little challenge, and I got all fall/winter to do it.

First off, here is a link to the pistol:

Here is my upgrade list at the moment: Note that I am not entirely sure what is and what is not compatible. I will be sending evike a message asking what works, but any help/advice/personnel experience from you guys would be great.

Not to sure what all this means at the moment

Thats it at the moment. Been looking around for some other stuff. Mainly, I want to get this thing gas efficient and shooting smoothly.

Mag upgrades/mods

Apparently, some of the mags that I will be receiving have some leaking issues. Thats a given though with a we tech mag. I have seen some videos on how to make them more gas efficient, but have heard that sometimes the o rings need to be replaced.

Such as this:

But what about this:
Not exactly sure if I would need this or not. Would have to open up the mag to see whats up.

As you can tell, I am not a pro with gas guns. I have been researching for some time, but could use alittle guidance on the upgrade path, as well as helping me out with what some of these parts are.

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Alright, thanks Dutton. The list I have is more of a rough draft for now. Just throwing some things together, that way I have a basic idea for what I plan on doing.

I look forward to your advice later in the week. ;)

Ha, I would like to know how you would holster that bad boy

Then again, I could probably use that as my primary then ::)
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Dutton, thanks so much for the help. That clears up alot of things.

I most likely will get a new list together based off of what you said and what suits me best. For example, I am actually looking for a non threaded barrel mainly because I do not plan on using a suppressor or extended tight bore barrel.

I am going to check with's tech team on whether or not certain parts with a particular length will fit. My guess is that my pistol takes parts that are meant for the 5.1 series WE and TM's. I am thinking this mainly because the dimensions of my WE are the same as a 5.1. So I will check up on that soon.

Again, thanks for the help. I will come back here with an updated list, and if I have any, more questions.

Decided to do a dissemble of the pistol to see how things looked. Not good.

1. the little black piece that is screwed in with a small screw that keeps the inner barrel/hop up chamber connected to the outer barrel broke. It just snapped in half when I tried to tighten it back up.

2. The spring guide is way to small. When I opened it up, I saw that the recoil spring was all flimsy and jabbing at the side of the upper slide. Really bad. I am looking into getting a longer one.

3. I am missing the bushing housing (that goes over top of the barrel bushing. Simply just need to buy a new one. Nothing serious. Its not like I need this shooting by tomorrow or anything.

4. Mags have some serious leaking issue. I do not know where to start with this. New parts or just DIY mods? I will be doing some research on this soon.

Overall, I will need a few new parts. Especially the small black piece I mentioned above. That and my other upgrades and I should be good to go.

I contacted evike about what parts are compatible. Now I just need to ask them if they have the replacement parts I am looking for.

Edit: If anything was confusing, I will get some pics up. My gbb vocab is limited
I will have a new upgrade list together sometime today hopefully.

Edit Edit: Here is the new list: (I might get a few of these) (still looking at other barrel options (6.03mm or 6.04mm)
I no longer need a new outer barrel. The one I have will do.

Things I am still looking for:
1. upgrades for mags themselves (maybe just replacement parts)
They leak bad, and gas consumption and efficiency is terrible. I have a few DIY mods in mind. But could use guidance on what parts would benefit me the most.
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Mateba, thanks for the advice. I actually have two outer barrels, one threaded and one that is not. I plan on using the one without threads so that should suffice. As for the 6.01mm barrel, still deciding. Thanks for the numbers and stats. That will help me in my decision. I do not want to push more than 350 and would like to keep it slightly lower than that. Good gas consumption and efficiency and accuracy are my main goals.


I took apart the magazine to see what was the deal, and the o ring at the base plate looked fine. Ill try out what you said, and see if that would help decrease the amount of leaks. As for the flow and fill valves, I will look into those as well. Thanks for the links.

Also, I took apart the magazine, and had a little trouble. The bottom part came apart easily. Note, I pushed out all three metal things that keep the mag together. I could not figure out how to take out the parts on the top. I got the magazine lip, spring, etc. out but the fill valve or flow valve (not sure which one) is still in there. I cant get it out. I just want to know so that I can take it out if I am going to replace it. I looked at some guides over at MIA (miles wrote one up on the WA pistols) and it does not tell me how to do this particular part.

Here is the pistol itself if anyone is interested.

And here is why I will need a new spring guide (longer).

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Well, it looks like the short spring guide already is causing some problem. Look at the pictures. That is what it looks like in its natural state. It is flimsy and gets stuck on the side of the slide. Regardless, I will not be using this at all until I put in the new parts, so it does not really matter.

Edit: Quick question:

Is the thing in the link above just the hop up rubber (bucking) or is it the hop up chamber. I do not think its the hop up chamber, but if it is let me know. If its just the rubber, would the original hop up chamber work?

The title on evike is confusing.

I took apart the mags and took the large o ring off and lubed it up. Then I lubed the other parts a the bottom as well. I wanted to get the small o ring out, but did not know how. Any help would be appreciated. I fiddled with it for alittle, but nothing came out so I am lost :'(

I did the teflon tape mod around the large o ring as well. Put everything back together. Then I got to thinking. I have watched and read about guides stating that there are other places where the gas leaks out as well. The little rubber piece at the top (don't know the name) is one of those places. A guy showed a video where he used duct tape to seal off the edges where the gas would escape. I decided just to use the teflon tape and wrap it around. This would prevent the gas from escaping. Here is a picture:

Now here it is attached to the other bits and pieces:

The sides are now sealed off, and should prevent gas from being wasted.

Now with everything together.

Mainly, I just want to be able to get a solid mag out of each fill. I might be able to get more, but its not super important. I have heard bad things about WE tech mags, and if I can get it to holding gas properly for even just one whole mag (15 rounds) I will be happy.

Any other tips would be appreciated. Such as how to get the small o ring out at the bottom? I would like to get the fill valve out as well, but I do not know how to get that part out.
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Interesting. I have not actually used the mags. I am just basing this off what was said to be wrong with them from the original owner. After researching, it seemed like it had some major problems, but maybe its not as bad as it seems. Any chance have you dissembled one fully? I have looked for guides everywhere, and none strip a mag down completely.
Another update!

Ok, so I called and asked them a question regarding replacement parts. You see, this small black piece that is screwed onto the hop up chamber broke, and now the inner barrel and hop up chamber are loose, and can slide past the outer barrel, and can get stuck on the loading nozzle.

They do not carry replacement parts for this (which is odd, because this small crappy piece is so important). The only option I have is to get a whole new hop up chamber, which can only be bought with a complete upper slide. Unless someone here knows a mod for making my own little piece, I am stuck with the whole new slide.

I realize this was confusing :) If you need pictures of the piece and where it belongs, let me know. Any information or help regarding this would be great.


The gun itself for your reference (shown without some parts) --nothing important or related

In the picture below, notice the small hole. That is where the screw goes in. The black piece is placed on the other side and is held on by the screw (when it gets tightened).

The picture below: Notice the small square outline. Thats where this black piece goes. (held on by screw)

Here is the piece itself (broken)
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