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Newbie looking for advice

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Well, I'm relatively new to airsoft, but as a paintballer I always found myself gravitating to sniping. Currently, as I am on an EXTREMELY low budget, I only have a JG/AGM Type96, and that honestly makes me sad...
I am looking to get into some of the good green gas/propane rifles out there, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations that would cost ~$250 (I notice most people on the forum use pounds, so there may be some confusion there...) including upgrades if possible (Scope not necessary). Anyway, enlighten me, if you could.
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I've already got a scope, and as I understand, it comes with its own mount, correct?
Huh... that UTG one got some pretty good reviews, and it comes with a spare mag in the first place (although not gas...)... Thanks for the suggestions, guys, they definitely help. Too many choices out there, and I have too little experience in this area.
Just got done completely disassembling my Type 96, just wanted to get a feel for how it works. Seems like upgrades wouldn't be hard to make for it, just not sure if I really want to spend more money on it. It's good, but I just feel like it doesn't have a good lifespan going for it. I guess if I just take care of it, I can keep it in good condition, but otherwise... well, it could lead to problems...
Yeah... really not sure I'd want to mess with the external gas rig. I'm going to get that UTG one as a Xmas present, and save up for some upgrades (The King Arms piston and laylax head, so long as they fit). Thanks for the help guys, I didn't even know that thing existed. I look forward to getting out some good guns in the future.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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